About us

The role of digital technology in psychiatric education is an evolving and dynamic topic. Resident led research by our group has shown that psychiatry residents are turning more to online resources and now want more interactive, dynamic, and visual websites for learning [Torous et al, 2015]. To pilot and understand this, we created www.psychoncall.com as an example of what a psychiatry educational website for medical students and residents could look like. PSY-Q expands on this concept. We've created a functional quiz and question bank platform that will allow medical students and psychiatry residents to create their own, faculty -reviewed educational content and quizzes. We envision the website as a portal for collaboration between medical students and residents, and a vehicle for scholarly communication by medical students and residents across the country. This question bank module is generously funded through an educational grant from ADMSEP (http://www.admsep.org/) and designed by Joseph Witowsky at RedMoon Technology (http://www.redmoontech.com).

[1] Torous J; Franzen J; O'Connor R; Kitts R; Keshavan M; Boland R. Psychiatry Residents' Use of Educational Websites: A Pilot Survey Study. Academic Psychiatry. Online First as of June 2015